Rahman Emanuel will be the US Ambassador to Japan

Joe Biden has chosen former congressman and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be the U.S. ambassador to Japan, according to eight people familiar with the staff discussion inside the White House.

The U.S. president will name Emanuel, who was Barack Obama’s chief of staff and had close ties to Biden, in a large package of ambassadorial nominations this month, several people said.

Foreign policy experts expected 611-year-old Emanuel to be offered a high-profile position. Initially there was speculation that he was being considered as China’s ambassador, but the job is expected to go to top US diplomat Nick Burns.

Tokyo is one of Washington’s most important diplomatic postings, especially as the United States and Japan work together to address challenges from China. Highlighting the importance of their alliance was the Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga The first foreign leader To meet Biden at the White House.

Emanuel will revive the tradition of sending influential former lawyers to Japan, a trend that Tokyo has praised because it is believed to have gravity and more direct access to the White House.

Bill Clinton sent former senator and vice-president Walter Mandalay and then former House Speaker Tom Foley to Tokyo. George W. Bush appointed former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. The latest high-profile ambassador to Tokyo was Caroline Kennedy, who served in Obama’s second term and was the daughter of John F. Kennedy.

“From the perspective of Tokyo, the most sought after [after] The assets of the US ambassador to Japan are close to the president’s, “said Miriam Soles, a Japan expert at the Brookings Institution. “The way Raheem Emanuel and Joe Biden are back, there’s confidence in the score.”

Emanuel Clinton, a staunchly charged Democrat with a reputation for being hateful, has served in a variety of roles, including director of political affairs at the White House. He was elected to the House of Representatives, but in 2009 Obama chose him as his first chief of staff, a term he held for less than two years.

After leaving the White House, he served two terms as mayor of Chicago before the election No need to run again. The decision follows criticism of the city’s management over the deadly police shooting of a black teenager in 2014. Interview with Financial Times In 2012, he said his decision was personal but added that the third term in politics was “Snakebite”.

After speculation began last year that Emanuel had come under fire from progressives that Biden was considering him for a cabinet role, he suggested he could face a frustrating confirmation battle in the Senate.

Occasionally public attention Cruel treatment The number of African Americans by white police officers has also increased since Emanuel left office.

Souls said Emanuel’s confirmation hearing would be closely monitored because his tenure as mayor of Chicago created controversy with some Democrats. He added that while Tokyo would be valued for its relationship with Biden, there was still some “frustration” with its reputation for ambiguity.

Emanuel’s grandfather came from Russia and his father came from Israel. His brother Jackie is an oncologist who worked on a team set up biden before entering the office to deal with Covid-19. His other brother Ari, he Hollywood talent agent Who was the inspiration for a character on the TV show Recruitment.

Biden has not yet nominated a major ally to the United States. Emanuel and the White House declined to comment.

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