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Razer seems to regard each CES as his personal carnival, using the show as an opportunity to show off Wild-looking masks And Insane triple-screen Notebook. In addition to launching this year New laptop, It has teamed up with smartwatch maker Fossil to launch a special version of the wearable. Two companies are announcing the Razer x Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch at CES 2022 and this is exactly what you think: a themed version Existing Wear OS devices With straps and faces that reflect the identity of the gaming company.

However, there are some small differences in the Razor version of General 6. It only comes in 44mm sizes (although the original is available in 42mm) and also has some unique interface elements. I’ve got a sample to play with for a while, and to be honest, it looks like a mostly fossil smartwatch, with just an aesthetic consent to the razor.

The Fossil Gen 6 was the first to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Chip, and like the original series, the razor version will be updated New Wear OS 3 Later this year. So far, the existing software on the watch has felt familiar and performed quickly. I swiped through the card and changed the face of the watch without delay, although this is equivalent to the course of the Wear OS watch nowadays. The razor-branded wearable three custom watch faces that I expected – that is, their color schemes matched and displayed time in “fun” fonts. Wellness Face shows your daily stats, but not too much of a razor-esque.

There’s nothing different about the device, and I need to spend more time with it to test for other factors, such as battery life and system performance.

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Which i To be able to Now let’s say that as a person with a small wrist, the razor watch is a bit big for me. Do most razor fans have bigger bones, or do they prefer a chunky aesthetic? I don’t know, but it seems certain to be the case.

One thing I believe Razer’s loyalists love is the company’s distinctive acid green color that permeates their products. The special version Gen 6 comes with a black 22mm band with a black finish and no green pop in the case. However it comes with a bright green strap that you can swap. Both silicone bands were flexible and comfortable, though, again, I’d prefer a narrower style.

The larger size allows for a wider screen (although the 42mm Gen 6 has the same display dimensions), and I’ve enjoyed how easy it was to read app titles and notifications.

Razr and Fossil are selling only 1,337 units of this special edition device, because Lit, get it? However, you can get one for 329. For comparison, the Fossil Gen 6 is priced between $ 299 and $ 319. With its high price and limited quantity, the razor watch is clearly meant to be the most collectible for the company’s fans.

The Razer x Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch shows a list of apps with a name, with a black strap on the wrist

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

If you do not manage to get a razor watch or are interested in other fossil brands, you may want to consider the new Skagen Gen 6. My favorite of the Skagen Falster Fossil smartwatches, and the company is launching an updated version that offers the latest suite of features like the Snapdragon Wire 4100 processor, faster battery charging and upgraded sensors. It is available in six styles and costs $ 295.

Fossil also told Engadget that the Gen 6 series will get Alexa support earlier this year, so those who use Amazon’s assistant to control smart home devices can do so from their wrists.

The Razor X Fossil watch represents an interesting expansion of Fossil’s lineup, although we may see the company team up with other brands in the future. Fossil told me it was open to concept, so who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see Tesla, McDonald’s or, oh my God, White Castle collaborate.

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