Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Jane Easterly is there His work cut for him. As the sole second director of the US government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), he must fight a historic attack. ransomware Attack and Rumors Campaign Easterly But a different kind of bureaucrat. He exhibits as much as he does Black hat At the Cybersecurity Conference in August, he introduced a new policy initiative for an AC / DC-backed dance while wearing a “Free Britney” shirt and dragon-emblazoned jeans.

Although his hilarious style is not due to lack of experience. Retired Army officer previously served National Security Agency And helped Department of Defense Set up its cyberspace operations. He also served as a special assistant to President Obama on counterterrorism before moving to the banking sector, where he was head of cyber security at Morgan Stanley.

In a conversation with Garrett Graf, contributing editor of WIRED RE: Wired Events Wednesday, a big change related to Easterly Cyber ​​security Douglas Adams’s Dark Gently Parable, where “everything is connected, everything is interdependent.” This interconnection is the product of our digitalized world. “So the surface of the attack has increased, and the data volume and diversity and speed have increased rapidly.” Result: There is one Cyber ​​attacks Every 40 seconds and one in 10 of the 1.8 billion websites on the Internet leads you to malware. “So the big thing that has changed is that cybersecurity has become a problem on a kitchen table.”

At CISA, part of the Department of Homeland Security, Easterner must move away from the more aggressive role it has played in defending the military, the NSA and the intelligence community. She says her past experience helps her understand how her opponents work and, as a result, builds empathy for them. “You have to have the sympathy of the opponent,” he explained, “to be able to be the best defender to understand how the opponent works through tactics, tactics and methods.”

For the best defense, Easterley needs to enlarge the new department of the US government. Part of why he went to Black Hat and Diffcon to reach out to the private hacker community. “It’s my community, people,” he said. “We want to ignite the power of hackers and researchers and educators because, at the end of the day, the world is full of vulnerabilities, and I think crime is dominating the defense. So I want to make sure that we tap into the brightness and well-being of those communities to help us identify and close those vulnerabilities. So please partner with us and turn it on. “

For all the technologies involved, Easterley says the hardest part is “changing the way people and people behave and how they work and implementing the basics of cyber hygiene through authentication, patching and software upgrades.” More than 90 percent of vulnerabilities have been used for ransomware attacks, he said, adding that there are patches attached to them. So many of us are failing at the core issues of cyber security.

But he is optimistic about the way forward for our government. “I’m optimistic but I’m more optimistic than ever about how we can work together in government, as a team game and as a trusted partner with the private sector.” Through this partnership, he hopes to “create a general picture of the operating environment” so that “planning and practice can take place in peacetime so that we are ready to work together in times of war.”

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