Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

The British dependence imports most of its electricity from France, which is outraged at the fishing rights granted by Jersey.

The French maritime minister suggested that his government cut off the growing power supply between France and the United Kingdom over the right to fish next to the brakes in the jerseys of the British Isles.

Anik Girardin said he became “rebellious” when he learned that Jersey had issued 41 fishing licenses with conditions and specific criteria that were “decided unilaterally and without explanation.” Located on the northwest coast of Britain, the island is a self-governing reliance on the British Crown, which imports about 95% of its electricity from France via undersea cables.

“We are ready to take retaliatory measures under the Brexit agreement,” Giradin told lawyers at a national conference on Tuesday.

“As for the jersey, I’ll remind you of the transmission of electricity through submarine cables,” he added. “I’m sorry if we have to do it, we’ll do it if we have to.”

Girardin said he flagged the breach of the Brexit agreement with the European Commission. He also posted a video clip of the comments to lawmakers on his Twitter account.

Jersey’s External Affairs Minister Ian Gorst said the island had issued licenses under the UK’s trade and co-operation agreement with the European Union. This means that French boats must display a track record of fishing in the area.

“If French fishermen or authorities wish to submit further evidence, we will update the licenses to reflect that evidence,” Gorst said in a statement on the Jersey government’s website.

UK Vaccine Minister Nadim Jahwai told Sky News that Britain and the EU should continue to work together to “overcome” any problems. “We need to look at this urgently,” he said on Wednesday, and that the “best way” to solve it is to work together.

Last week, Clement Beaune, France’s junior European affairs minister, threatened to allow UK financial institutions to do business in the EU if Britain did not honor its phishing promises.

Plenty of fishing grounds between 6 and 12 nautical miles (11 and 22 kilometers) off the British coast are difficult to access, and the head of the National Fishing Committee, Jean-Uke, has not been granted all his licenses. Luck Hall told Bloomberg last week. He added that French fishermen do not enter UK waters without a license because of the risk of fines.

British and EU negotiators are set to discuss a 2021 category quota for shared fishing stocks. Hall said some of them “probably have a lever in negotiating delayed quotas for licensing.”

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