Records voice chat features like Reddits’ own clubhouse

Reddit is cooking up the article's illustrated voice chat feature, like its own clubhouse.

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Rumor has it the front page of the Internet may be the latest online platform to cook a social audio feature La Voice-only chat app Clubhouse

Reddit is quietly working to include moderator-driven voice chats on the platform, a source familiar with the matter said on Friday. Mashball In an interview with the report outlet, the source described the development of the feature as confidential and still in its infancy.

If this voice chat feature ever shows the light of day, the company launched an initiative last year to test whether it will work under Reddit’s “Power-Ops” banner, with new subscription-based features specific to individual subreddits.

In between Preliminary announcement, Reddit lists multiple examples of these features, called power-ups, such as “HD quality video upload and streaming capabilities,” “Double video file limit,” and “Inline GIF in comments,” etc. Subreddits can unlock these permissions with a minimum threshold set by the size of each community after a sufficient amount of their members have purchased a monthly power-up subscription.

At the time, Reddit made it crystal clear that it wanted to hear from users for future advice.

“The new test helps create a framework that allows us to add ‘good-looking’ features to subreddits,” Reddit said in its August announcement. “We’re starting with a few handpicked features and expect to add more as we get input from you and our community who have chosen our initial test.”

YesIven all buzz Social audio service These days, I suspect that “voice chat” is quite high on the list of suggestions. Although I can Understand why Reddit wants to wrap things up right now Given how royal it is to screw it up Trying to introduce chat Room Last year. TLDR: Reddit removed the feature with a little bit of advance agency and had a seemingly zero thought about moderation, as subredit modes can’t opt-out of chats or control them. It was a disaster.

Reddit did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Gizmodo, but we will make sure to update this blog when they do.

Only time will tell if the craze for this audio chat will flash in the pan, but it is clear that the landscape is getting crowded fast. Clubhouse has inspired a number of copyrights since its launch in March 2020, With Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, And the parent company of Tick, Bytens, All are reportedly rushing to join the action with their own audio chat features. Facebook too For this the beta test started Clubhouse Clone, a web-based Q&A platform This is a hotline call, This week.

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