Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Reddit will close Dubsmash on February 22, 2022. The announcement comes less than a year after Reddit Acquired Video platforms like TikTok for an unpublished figure in December 2020. After the 22nd, Dubsmash will no longer be available for download through the App Store or Google Play, or the app will not work after that date.

When Reddit first announced the acquisition, it said that Dubsmash would retain its own platform and brand. “The combination of forces has been a perfect match. Reddit is where enthusiastic communities come together for timely, interactive and authentic exchanges on topics that are important to them, and the video is a growing key to how people want to connect, ”the company said in a statement. Blog post.

As part of today’s announcement, Reddit is also introducing new video features that come courtesy of the Dubsmash team. The built-in camera now has the option to change the recording speed and set a timer In addition, it is now possible to upload and fill clips in landscape, portrait mode, as well as adjust and trim multiple clips together. A new editing screen allows users to add stickers, doodles, voice-overs and filters to their clips.

Dubsmash’s upcoming shutdown could hit color makers the hardest. While TikTok’s best-known stars are white, Dubsmash is especially popular among black and Latin users. By the end of 2020, Reddit noted that 25 percent of all black teens in the United States were on the platform. These users now face a difficult decision: they either support a platform that is seen as a Safe haven for hate speech and misinformation Or look elsewhere to find a helpful community.

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