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Republican and fossil fuel interests Yes, what can we say, Comfortable The relationship but that relationship was subtly evident during a hearing on Thursday at NSFW Incorrect information on fossil fuels.

The House Oversight Committee has welcomed four fossil companies and two trade groups, as well as a pipeline welder, to investigate decades of campaigning to confuse the public. There is plenty of animal feed. Saw the last few years Journalist And Academic Investigation, Lawsuit, FTC complaint, And Sting operation Which has revealed ways to confuse the public in the fossil fuel industry — and Keep doing that These days. This has put the whole planet in a dangerous place now, requiring a steep carbon pollution reduction Avoiding extreme climate damage.

But what Republican members of Congress wanted to do on Thursday was to humbly apologize to the CEOs of the world’s most powerful corporations for being held accountable for their actions. More than that, they wanted to thank them for their service to society and rebuke anyone who dared to question these Titans in the industry.

There is a confusion of defense, praise, and offense:

  • “God bless Chevron,” reporter Jim Jordan (recipient of) Oil and gas ট 59,956 2020 election cycle) said, thanking the company for increasing production. “I want to thank the companies that are actually increasing production,” Jordan later added.
  • “These companies are being villainized,” said representative Jody Hayes.5,000 recipients From the oil and gas industry in 2020, which talks about getting your money’s worth). His did not ask a question.
  • “It’s just people who have nothing better to do than type on the keyboard,” said representative Byron Donald., 18,110 from oil and gas interests So far this cycle) had said about climate workers before moving on to oil CEOs. “Let me be very clear, you need to apologize. What I have seen today is the intimidation of the position of chairman of this committee. … it’s disgusting, it’s disgusting. Call Merrick Garland well, ask him to get in here, and see the threats from today’s panel. It’s not about protecting Big Oil. … I’m sorry for you. And I am sorry for the people of our country who have had to witness such humiliation. ”
  • “Although this committee may not like you because you are an executive, because your companies have been successful, I just want to apologize for the decoration. Because thank you for what you have done, “said Representative Yvette Harrell.শিল্প 115,126 from industry He was supervising, making him the second largest oil and gas recipient in the House of this cycle so far). “There are people out there who believe in you. Thanks. … In fact, I would only submit to save someone who has been vaccinated or who is about to get the tune, thanks to the oil and gas industry because I can bet that almost every syringe touched is a petroleum product. … I just want to thank you all for being here today. “
  • “You all have good stories to tell. Don’t be afraid to tell people how much clearer things are than in the past. It doesn’t do any good for you to wake us all up, “said Rep. Glenn Grothman.তেল 30,576 from oil and gas 2020 3,570 in 2020 and so far this year.)
  • “It’s a shame how the other side wants to monster our oil and gas industry. I am extremely proud of our oil and gas industry, innovators who adopt new technologies, provide higher living standards and jobs in our country, “said Rep. Bob Gibbs, $ 28,558 oil and gas people In 2020. He later added, “I was disappointed that the chair failed to recognize it and demonized them.”
  • “I apologize to our witnesses who were called today and asked to take part,” said Rep. Pete Sessions, who has so far received $ 11,400 from oil and gas interests and Racked at $ 237,375 In 2018. (2020 data was unavailable.)
  • “We need to create an ethical case for the fossil fuel industry and fossil fuels in general,” Ripa said. Pat Fallon, who has accepted তেল 5,600 on oil and gas Money “If we want more and cheaper and cleaner energy – which all of us should do – these witnesses here should be the ones we support and appreciate and not the devil.”
  • “This is a very important energy company and [American] The Petroleum Institute has realized that you have found yourself here, you have seen the attitude of the people on the left side of this committee. When you are asked this morning if you are not embarrassed, it is really unreasonable to ask CEOs about their company, ”says Rep. Andy Biggs, receiver Oil and gas costs $ 27,253 In 2020.
  • “Mine, mine, mine. Help the great Lord protect us from this threat from within. American patriots have done such things with career politicians and democratic socialist insanity … We feel nauseous in the constant attacks on working Americans and American industry. This is a complete disaster for today’s hearing on why my colleagues across the corridor will soon lose their majority status, ”Republican Clay Higgins predicted. (Higgins has received $ 10,426 in fossil fuel cash so far in this cycle and 2020 40,773 in 2020.)
  • “Has President Biden or anyone in the White House apologized to you?” Representative James Comer, who received Fossil fuel cash $ 18,500 In 2020, welding asked Republicans to invite. (For the record, he didn’t.)

A UN report This week’s outlet warns that the whole world is facing a “production gap” where more fossil fuels will be generated on tap than are compatible with a safer climate. Other reports have warned that new fossil fuels must be explored Stop next year, Must read at Exodus Unprecedented rates in the next decade, And that Cutting the production and use of fossil fuels The surest way to do it. The reason we have this trend is that the fossil fuel industry has run a misinformation while further integrating their products into the world economy, fully aware that it will cause great damage to the climate.

This is also because Republicans (And a handful of Democrats) Climate has blocked action, and thanks to millions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry has maintained a hold on energy even in the smallest part. The industry has managed about 85% of it Donation To the Republicans in 2020, and is on track to do the same this year (and has done the same in previous years). The same Republicans who apologized to the industry and thanked it on Thursday.

However, all this is very quiet and very legal.

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