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Workers with mechanical diggers labored around the clock to save the five-year-old child stuck in a 32-meter deep well.

Workers retrieved a young boy on Saturday who was trapped for five days in a well in northern Morocco.

Workers with mechanical diggers worked around the clock to save the five-year-old child, Rayan Awram, after he fell into a 32-meter (100-feet) deep well in the hills near Chefchaouen on Tuesday.

The effort was a delicate and dangerous operation, constantly delayed by heavy rocks and imperiled by the threat of landslides.

Images on Moroccan media had shown Rayan huddled at the bottom of the disused well, which narrows as it descends from 45cm (18 inches) wide at the top, preventing rescuers from descending.

Hundreds of villagers stood waiting nearby for news as the rescue operation continued on Saturday.

A male relative of the boy told Reuters TV the family first realized he was missing when they heard muffled cries and lowered a phone with its light and camera on to locate him.

“He was crying ‘lift me up’,” the relative said.

The hilly region around Chefchaouen is bitterly cold in winter. Food and water was lowered to the child, and he was also supplied with water and oxygen using a tube.

The drama sparked an outpouring of sympathy online, with the Arabic hashtag #SaveRayan trending across North Africa.

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