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Characters from The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and other comic-books come together in one action shot.

Nick Bradshaw’s variant cover Point One # 1
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A big reason Comic Book Workers United There has been so much talk about trying to unify image comics Show employees of other comics publishers who are thinking about organizing or are currently thinking that they are not alone. Although CBWU Hopefully one day Play a direct role To help workers across the industry, the company is currently focused on leading by example.

While the image is calm Refusal to recognize CBWU voluntarily This is an important roadblock, an element of the story of the overall origin of the union that will actually sound familiar to anyone going through the process of becoming a union shop. For those who have not gone through this process, though, the idea of ​​a company initially rejecting its efforts to unionize workers can be worrisome because It means The company is not trying to meet with its employees where they are, and May try to take revenge.

Following the public announcement of the formation of the CBWU, the organization has received a shower of support across the comics space, citing the fact that people are paying attention and seem to agree with the union’s position. In a recent interview tHe is a Hollywood reporter, The union said, adding that the people had expressed their solidarity and had received a lot of money Correspondence Asking people for “advice on how to start the process on their own” was one of the goals.

But at the same time, the CBWU is shining a new light on how workers are fighting for better workplace conditions. At least one former Marvel editor has an idea of ​​what it was like just a few years ago. Also speaking to THR, former Marvel assistant editor Alejandro Arbona recalls how he and other House of Ideas staffers repeatedly considered forming a union of their own. Arbona, who left Marvel About 10 years ago, he said that more than anything else, general fear and uncertainty held them back.

“For us, it was just passive speculation and deliberate thinking,” Arbona said. “Unfortunately, we have always come to the same self-defeating decision about who will join us, who will not, and how the company will respond.”

In the case of the CBWU, Image openly acknowledges that the National Labor Relations Board has been asked to hold a secret ballot to determine whether the new union of American communication workers should be represented. Fear of course How to image, or any other comic book publisher in the same position, May react less explicitly, but is still a harmful way for employees who are brave enough to speak up for themselves.

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