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Ray and BB-8 look at the binary sunset at the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Next for what Star wars?
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When Ray Skywalker looked at the binary sunset of Tatuin towards the end The rise of the Skywalker, It was an end as much as a start. Palpatine’s granddaughter, of course Defeated Sith And take it with youBeside his Skywalker mentors. But the galaxy did As much as in turmoil. Luke’s journey as a Jedi began at the very end JD’s return, The same goes for Rey.

However, Since the release of the film, Most of them He said they had no plans to return. And though there are multiple They fightWork in progress, as far as we know, none of them are likely to continue that story directly. That may change though. In a new interview, Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, made it clear that Ray, Finn, Poe, BB-8, And the rest of the secular trilogy character. “Of course, these are not characters we will forget.” Kennedy told the Empire Recently “they’ll survive, and they’re the kind of conversation that’s going on with the creative team.”

Which is exciting, isn’t it? As many fans as Patty Jenkins would like to see, Taika YTT, Kevin Phase And while others have their JD costumes, it will eventually go back Episode X. Skywalker Saga may be over, but there will always be battles between the stars, and that’s where you’ll end up. Below we want to let you know how you feel about the story. Should all characters come back? Some number? What do you think and why?

Personally, if I were to write Episode X, I would make the movie I want Seventh episode Be the last Jedi, he has all the tools of that discipline; Now Let’s go See how he tries to restore order in a new way. So it’s a movie about the literal return of the JD, or whatever it means. And then sure, maybe one of his students discovers the dark side and turns him on and we can get out of there. But what is happening with the resistance and the first order (which was also after that) The rise of the Skywalker) Can wait. This story centers on the Force. It’s a make-up.Good Because we’ve never seen a young Mark Hamill train JD perfectly, and we’ve only seen parts of it through flashbacks or comic books. That was always a frustration. I won’t let Daisy Ridley wait too long Before backing up a dump truck with cash at his house and asking him to pull out the yellow saber again.

But that’s just me. Tell me what you think below.

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