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So did the road This past summer it was hot in the northwestern Pacific Ocean The sidewalk cracked and buckled. Hurricane season It grows more every year. As Polar ice decreases And Fireplace suburban backyardLife imagination is not an extension as it exists in the game Rewilding– Bright, smoky, and lifeless as we know it.

Rewilding, Under development by Indie Studios Heavy grassland And a recent recipient of a grant from NYU Game Center, Beginning in the 2200s, when we destroyed the American ecosystem and retreated to the resilient megacity.

The protagonist, Sid, is tasked with reclaiming a small parcel of upstate New York, transforming a barren waste into a functioning ecosystem. They have been hired by ReGen, a mega-corporation that sees the recovery of the planet not as a moral obligation, but as a lucrative opportunity for a tax break. If this is not enough, the rebuilding process will take hundreds of years, so Seed manages a small portion of their greens in an extremely long sleep on a cryogenic pod.

Sid is skeptical of Reagan’s intentions. Their questions about the value of the work are offset by the bubble utterance of an AI companion who has been programmed for blind optimism about the project. Together, they monitor soil conditions and plant seedlings, then look back as the years fly by to see results.

Rewilding, With a focus on the depletion of the natural world and the possibility of its restoration, is part of a long tradition of games that deal with environmental issues. 1997 Final Fantasy 7 The big corporate polluter Shinra has impressed a whole generation of young gamers by casting him as a villain and a gang of nefarious eco-terrorists. Another PlayStation RPG, 1999 Crono Cross, Explores the careless extinction of other species of humanity and asks if we deserve to survive at all. Like a game Okami And Flowers Let the players bring the vibrant ecosystem back to life.

Not surprisingly, as climate change has evolved from a disturbing possibility to a living experience, games that incorporate environmental degradation into their themes or mechanics. Increasingly common. But many of them offer simple solutions to complex problems. The only hero of 2016 praised by critics Abju One afternoon can bring balance to the ocean ecosystem. OkamiThe heavenly paintbrush restores nature with heavenly power.

Other recent games, including eco-themed ones, engage in innocuous fantasies about the control of nature, rewarding players for their mastery over it. Terra tookAnother game about rewinding, known as “Reverse City Builder”, falls into known patterns, exploring nature as a resource for managing. Its top-down perspective evokes God-like dominance over the landscape, taking the ruined earth as a blank canvas on which mankind can begin anew.

Rewilding Offers a faded but more sophisticated depiction of the end of the world. Its development team has from the beginning emphasized the lack of control of the players. In an extensive interview with WIRED, RewildingIts creators insisted that they wanted to create something that questioned the extraction calculus of farming simulators and other resource management games.

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