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At last year Amazon’s annual fall hardware event, Ring (which is owned by Amazon) showed off a designed drone Capture video inside your home. The ring didn’t call it a drone টিকে it was dubbed the Ring Always Home Cam-but it was an autonomous flying device with a plastic-bound propeller as well as a camera and microphone that recorded movement. It was actually a drone. The response was quick: why would you want a drone inside your home?

“What could be wrong?” And that device The house has violated the windtaping rules, The ring advanced. It is now making Always Home Cam Available by invitationPotential customers need to apply for the ability to purchase it. Last year, the company said it would sell for 250 250 and it stuck with that price. That’s right: for less than 300, you can play a drone around your head inside your own home.

Listening to Amazon and Ring Product Executives, the drone was created to reduce the burden of having multiple fixed cameras in different locations around your home. Instead, you can simply send a fly around to survey the space by pressing a button on the Ring Always Home Cam, or you can program it to mark specific activities over a specific period of time – say, at night, while the family is sleeping. It streams video to your smartphone or tablet and clips can be saved for up to 60 days with a subscription fee.

Since we didn’t actually get our hands on the drone, it’s hard to say in detail about its design. The ring says it’s light weight, and we know the bottom half has a camera and microphone. An on-board neural processing unit enables the drone to detect various scenes, as well as objects inside the house. It has a plastic-tipped propeller, for safety, and its docking station is designed to block the camera when it is at rest.

Ring president Leela Ruhi told Wired that the company has faced specific design challenges in building the drone. This includes “detecting windows and how lights are shining through windows, mirrors, chandeliers, children, animals – all the objects in our house”. “There is no public blueprint.”

The company may have been able to address some of these engineering challenges – and no doubt repeat it based on information shared by its “invited” customers – but some privacy and civil rights advocates expressed great concern about the drone last year, which rings Some boilers have given plate statements. Amazon hardware chief Dave Limp said at the time Today is a virtual event That Amazon sees privacy as “a huge opportunity to discover”.

Ruhi said one of the ring’s core principles is “customer control … and I think Ring has done a tremendous job over the last few years to really deliver on that promise and keep that control in the hands of our customers.” Ruhi also mentioned that Ring has introduced end-to-end encryption for videos captured with the camera and Ring will never be part of the home cam company. Controversial partnerships with law enforcement.

Evan Greer, director of digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future, said the home drone was still “terrible.”

“I think there’s a growing sensation among proponents of civil liberties and digital rights that having such an Internet-connected camera in your home makes you less secure, not more secure,” Gree said. (Greer was not quoting a specific data set, he clarified later, but made an observation.) “The idea of ​​having something that can now fly around your home increases the likelihood of abuse, and the possibility of capturing these devices Footage and audio. ”

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