Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Online games are full of toxic behaviors that can ruin the experience of players who just want to have fun. In an effort to prevent verbal abuse Team of legends, Riot Games has decided to publicly disable / disable all chats for matchmade games – temporarily, at least. The feature provides a way for players to communicate with the opposing team and can be a source of fun jokes. Among them are game director Andrei Van Rune and lead game producer Jeremy Lee AnnouncementAlthough, at the moment, the negative interaction is more than the positive ones, because of the in-game verbal abuse this year.

Teams will still see other’s emoticons and CTRL + 1-2-3-4 spam, and the change doesn’t affect the chat function between friends at all. Riot knows there is still verbal abuse going on in the team chat, and this move will not completely eliminate the behavior from the game. The developer team thinks it is very important to disable chats, but since people use them to strategize and coordinate their actions.

According to Polygon, The response to change has been mostly Negative, People referring to their fun experiences with opposition players. Some claim that the most toxic behavior occurs in team chats. Van Run made it clear on Twitter that the change is planned to be tested for a few patches starting at Patch 11.21 and then players ’opinions were sought. Riots can choose to change or reverse based on their views, although it can take place in areas where the response has been very positive.

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