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Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez wears a black hat, black shirt and black rimmed glasses at a red-carpet event in Las Vegas.

In this 2019 photo, Robert Rodriguez was present on the opening night of the RUN of the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Pictures: Ethan Miller / Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil (Getty Images)

If you were wondering, wide Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (whose most recent project Includes management episodes Mandalarian And Book of the dumb fat, As well as Netflix Kids Movies We can be heroes) Is still in strong business. He was also working a few years ago Led by a woman, Strongly-inspired Show for NBC Which never happened — but now It is resurfacing in CW.

Rodriguez’s interest in the character Zorro goes back to a good one Time; In the mid-1990s – almost His Desperado / Evening to dawn /Faculty Era-He was initially Connected A sign of strength Starring Antonio Banderas, though the film was to the end Made by Director Martin Campbell instead. Inside December 2020 A news has come Potential Zorro He was working on the TV series S.Ofia Vergara on NBC; It was Follow An underground artist who “Fight for social justice as a contemporary version of the mythical Zoroastrianism “and run against criminals in the process.

Now, Since the deadline updates usIt looks like Rodriguez could finally make his Zorro show on CW, as the network is now building a “gender-shuffle reconstruction of the classic masked cautious character.” It has been described as a “new iteration” of that NBC project (it doesn’t have Sophia Vargara to begin with), and about A young Latinox woman joins a secret society seeking revenge for her father’s murder and assumes a strong external personality. “

There will be shows Co-written by Rodriguez, Shawn Treta (Mayans MC, 12 monkeys, predators), And Rebecca Rodriguez, the latter is the sister of Robert Rodriguez who is also an experienced TV director who has achievements. Doom Patrol, Snoopy, Orville, And further he will conduct Zoro shows, including Treta show-running, if CW decides to add a different kind of masked alert to the stability of its superhero-adjacent content.

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