‘Rocket League Sidesip’ coming to iOS and Android

IOS and Android are coming. Creating Psychonics From the ground up for mobile devices. You can play single games or two matches with a friend, which lasts every two minutes.

The perspective is switching to a 2D, side-on view. Rocket League Sidesip Psychonics has a touch control that is easy to say. There will also be advanced control mechanics for emerging car soccer professionals to get to the crease.

There will be a ranking system for competitive modes like the original game. You have a ton of car customization options.

Cionics will hopefully release it The game is free Rocket League Sidesip Android regional alpha tests later this year although players in Australia and New Zealand can start very early today. You can find it in the Google Play Store. There will be beta in other regions next month.

Psychonics / Epic Games

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