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Roku Is Making It Real Easy For Advertisers You Are Streaming TV While Targeting You

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Roku is best known for selling adorable set-top boxes and compact streaming sticks, but ads for Roku The real cash cow For a while now the company, which has 55.1 million active accounts, has reported $ 532 million Its platform is revenue from business, including advertising, in Q2. So it’s no surprise that Roku makes it easy for advertisers to determine which shows are hot.

Months after a strategic announcement Ad-targeting partnerships To help shape and standardize “the future of media measurement and TV advertising in a streaming-first market” Years On Tuesday, it said it would officially begin allowing publishers to measure channel content across its devices within the Nielsen Digital Content Rating (DCR).

According to Roku, new measurements are available this month And content publishers have access to duplicate reach and demographic insights for their channels on Roku devices so they can better strategize on how to advertise and engage the core audience population. The new measure will be a blessing in Nielsen’s One InitiativeThe cross-media measurement system was announced by market research giant as a “single currency” in late 2020 to help advertisers identify which programs most effectively reach their core audience.

“DCR’s syndicated, independent measure provides marketers with market transparency and instant value for our publishers to understand viewers on their channels,” Logman Parampath, VP of Product Management at Roku, said in a press release. “It strengthens our commitment to deliver for our customers and underscores our focus on continuing to be an innovator in the evolving TV streaming measurement landscape.”

The rollout of the new measure is only the last step Roku’s plan is leverage No.lsen’s advanced video advertising business, which it exploited in March, aims better Viewers through its ad-supported linear channel.

It is also worth noting that, in addition Strengthening Roku’s ability to target and tailor ads to viewers’ gender, age, and shopping interests, the new partnership with Nielsen will result in a true transfer of consumer data to Nielsen, which can track ad performance using DCR. All the curtains of the house, Including streaming video, static web pages and mobile apps, across computers, mobile and TV streaming devices, ”according to the press release.

In a recent survey Morning advice It was found that 64% of adults in the United States consider targeted ads to be “aggressive” and 69% Looks like they’re repetitive, streaming services are a red-hot market for advertisers, and the appetite for new audience insights is probably not going to be satisfied anytime soon. If you are concerned about privacy, you may need to explore an ad-free solution.

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