Sat. May 28th, 2022

Today is a good day to get started building a connected home theater. Amazon has the Roku Streambar on sale for just 99, well below its usual 130 price. If you crave improved sound, the more powerful Streambar Pro is back down to 150 ($ 30 off). And don’t worry if you already have good speakers and just want an advanced media hub – the current-generation Apple TV 4K with 32GB of storage is still on sale for 150 (normally $ 179).

Buy Roku Streambar at Amazon – 99
Buy Roku Streambar Pro at Amazon – 150
Buy Apple TV 4K at Amazon – 150

The Roku Streambar represents one of the easier ways to drag an older TV into the modern era. You’re getting both a 4K HDR-capable streaming device and a solid speaker upgrade in a compact package. Roku’s platform offers access to a wide range of services (including support for AirPlay, HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant), and you can even use the Streambar as a Bluetooth speaker if you just want to play tunes from your phone. This might be an ideal fit for a small apartment, a dorm or a bedroom TV.

The base Streambar has only modest bass, and none of Roku’s soundbars has Dolby Vision HDR support or an Ethernet jack for wired networking. You can improve audio quality with the Streambar Pro, however, and there are kits to add surround sound or a subwoofer (all of them $ 30 off) if you have the money to spend. It’s safe to say even the entry model is a significant upgrade over the usual built-in speakers, and might offer apps beyond what your TV allows.

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