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Animated robot Ron Ron wields a butcher's knife in a scene of mass error.

Best friends don’t slap each other, Ron.
Screenshot: 20th century

Those kids today. Always Their phone! Looks like they stopped talking via Instagram and to each other Tick ​​tock And Whozit and Whatevers. But if what. Instead of the phone, their social life was conducted Adorable robot Called B-Bot?

Honestly, it looks like everything will be fine … Until it was.

Ron made a mistake The first feature of Locksmith animation, and if Ron seems a bit familiar to you, you’re probably thinking of another round, the white robot that has trouble understanding social signals, which will be unmaxed from Disney’s 2014 film Big Hero 6. Of course, Ron is running a bit longer than his predecessor, for the reason that he should be told on two separate occasions not to kill children alone in this trailer. Meanwhile, the search for a faulty robot is highly reminiscent of Netflix movies Michelle vs. Machine, Which was released earlier this year.

What makes Ron made a mistake Unique, it seems, focus on the importance of social connections and friendships. Or, as the official summary puts it: “Ron made a mistake Barney’s story, a socially awkward middle-class and Ron, his new walk, talking, digitally connected device, is considered his ‘best friend out of the box’. Set against the backdrop of Ron’s ridiculous flaws in the social media era, take them on an action-packed journey where the boy and the robot agree on the great filth of true friendship.

The movie is clearly a metaphor for everyone’s addiction to interacting with people online and through apps, but despite Barney’s father’s concern that his son would become addicted to “some devices”, B-bots seem to be a huge improvement over smartphones. They’re definitely trying to get kids to meet people in real life and build friendships; Maybe they are a little whimsical, but they can be a real help to everyone with social anxieties. I’m sure hell to take one.

That It is And Shajam Jacob Dylan Grazer, starring Barney, HangoverZach galifianakis as its rock, and OfficeEd Helms as the father. Olivia Coleman, Rob Delaney, Justice Smith, Kylie Cantrell, Ricardo Hartado, Marcus Scribner and Thomas Barbuska also voiced. Ron made a mistake Coming to theaters on October 22nd, but I’m sure if you don’t hurry it will eventually reach Disney +.

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