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Joy Davis (Taylor Russell) and Ben Miller (Logan Miller) Escape Room: Stunned by standing in a safety deposit box room at the Tournament of Champions.

Joey Davis (Taylor Russell) and Ben Miller (Logan Miller) In Escape Room: Champions Tournament.
Pictures: Sony Pictures

Leave it to a film franchise Escape His movies to create a puzzle for fans. September 21, II Escape Film, subtitles Tournament of Champions, Will be published digitally with two different versions. One is the minute-theatrical cut and the other is the extended minute-cut that could open the door to the myth of the series.

According to a Descriptions anywhere in the film, The long digital version “includes more than 25 minutes of all new scenes, including the first behind-the-scenes release and finale behind Minos Corporation.” It is certain that the big bad of the franchise is being revealed in an extended version which is completely different from what we have seen in theaters.

Let’s back up one second. First Escape Released in January 2011, it grossed more than মিল 150 million worldwide. The second film got off to a fast start and was released in July 2021. Both films are directed Adam Rabitel (COM)Funny: The last key) And tell the story of a seemingly random group of strangers who find themselves trapped in a deadly series of rooms from which they must flee or die. The survivors of the first film move on to the second film where they believe they have a promise to remove the company that is behind them, Minos. However, in the second picture, Tournament of Champions, You don’t really get any of it – there’s plenty of new, cool, spacious escape rooms, but in the case of Minos, the movie doesn’t have a real increase in franchise myths.

At least, that’s how it went in the dramatic version. An io9 reader who went through JR first warned our online fans who were very confused. Some have seen the movie in theaters, where it ends [Spoiler Alert] Revealed that the whole movie was a wide trap for star Jay (Taylor Russell) to get on a plane, to face his biggest fear. Others, however, did not see any of it. Those who watched (probably illegally, we should remember) have seen a completely new version of the sequel online which has thrown the broad flat story in favor of the bigger one. This narrative Introduced to a whole new family who worked at Minos and saw Joey leave the game, then he meets the daughter of the family who began to unravel some of the secrets behind the company. We will not waste what will happen Think reddit thread The current description suggests that Added to Wikipedia That’s right.

Our thinking is right, Joey and Ben.

Our thinking is right, Joey and Ben.
Pictures: Sony Pictures

If there is runtime anywhere in the movie (88 minutes Drama, 96 minutes Extended) Correct, and new, extended cut Escape There’s actually a 25-minute “all new scene”, the math dramatic version works up to 17 minutes after the cut. This raises a ton of questions: Why were the changes made? Why was one version released in theaters and the other not released? Also, does the existence of one version of this film deny the existence of another? On all of that, a Sony representative could not comment but said more details about its home release Escape Room: Champions Tournament Will be available soon and all this will be cleared.

We know Rabitel has indicated that the theatrical version of the film was not his final vision. Talking to Wrap Earlier this year, he said, “My director’s cut was more than 5 minutes. But you enter the kitchen with a lot of chefs and they say ‘cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.’ So at the end of the day, until my director is cut, I’m in a gentle chainsaw. ”It seems like a sub-minute0 minute drama cut was a studio thing and, hopefully, this extended cut is more of a filmmaker’s point of view.

Yet, I find this mystery not only interesting, but encouraging. I loved first Escape And the second one was incredibly exciting to watch. However, I thought the second film was very disappointing, mainly because its main dramatic throline was based on a scene that was supposed to take place during the first film, But it wasn’t actually in the first movie. Not to mention the opportunity to completely elevate and enhance the mythology of the franchise. These 25 new minutes look like they will change and create them Escape Its made a little more epic than its sequel.

Escape Room: Champions Tournament It will be released digitally on September 21 and on physical disk on October 16.

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