Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

The founder of one of the largest cyber security companies in Russia has been arrested on suspicion of treason and will be held for the next two months in a notorious prison run by the security services, a court in Moscow said on Wednesday.

The charges against Ilya Sachkov, founder of Group-IB, are being classified and details were not immediately clear. The state-run news agency Tass cites an anonymous source who said Sachkov denied that he had passed on secret information to foreign intelligence services.

Group-IB, which specializes in the prevention of cybercrime and ransomware, confirmed that law enforcement officers cracked down on its officers yesterday, but did not comment on the news of Sakharov’s arrest.

The company, which is headquartered in Singapore, is an official partner of Interpol and Europol and presented senior international law enforcement officers at its conferences in Moscow. The private sector clients include BP, Microsoft, DHL and several large Russian state-owned enterprises.

Group-IB said it was still working normally. “The decentralized infrastructure of Group-IB enables us to keep our customers’ data safe, maintain business operations and work without interruption in our offices in Russia and around the world,” the company said in a statement. .

The Russian FSB, the successor to the KGB, has arrested several leading scientists, cyber security officials and a former journalist over the past few years on charges of treason, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison.

According to Mediazona, an independent news website that addresses Russia’s criminals, beliefs about the various statues associated with counter-intelligence, which have significantly expanded the definitions of state secrets, have multiplied almost all contacts with foreign organizations as treason. legal system.

In 2019, a court sentenced a former top FSB cyber security officer to 22 years on treason charges for passing information to the US. A former senior executive of Kaspersky Lab, Russia’s leading cyber security firm, has been sentenced in the same case to 14 years in prison, details of which have not been released.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, told reporters on Wednesday that Sachkov’s arrest had “nothing to do with the business and investment climate in our country”, according to Interfax.

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