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Russia arrested members of REvil, one of the world's most wanted ransomware gangs, for an article titled Russia

Pictures: FSB TASS (Getty Images)

In a shocking turn of events, the Russian government has announced the arrest of multiple members of the REvil – the leading ransomware gang behind numerous large-scale attacks on US targets.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Press release Friday said it had recently raided 25 residences across Moscow, Leningrad, Lipetsk and St. Petersburg, where there were 14 members of the cybercrime ring. During the raid, authorities seized 20 luxury vehicles and computer equipment with 426 million rubles, $ 600,000 and € 500,000.

Although the identities of the hackers have not been released at this time, Video Supplies provided by the FSB show officers chasing and handcuffing various individuals, as well as rifling in apartments. The Russian government has said in a statement that it had arrested the perpetrators at the behest of the United States. The FSB press release Read (translated from Russian via Google):

“The search was conducted at the request of the appropriate US authorities, who were involved in criminal community leaders and the introduction of malicious software, encrypted information and reported its involvement in the data resources of foreign high-tech companies through embezzlement. Its decryption …”

REvil has risen to the top of America’s shit list ever since it was launched Extensive Kaseya ransomware attack Last summer. The attack infected more than 1,500 different companies worldwide using malicious software updates on tech firm’s popular IT products – many of them in the United States. Emergency action By the White House, a পুরস্কার 10 million prize For information on the gang’s arrest leadership, and Call for A good federal strategy to fight cybercrime.

However, there are allegations that the group was also involved in the attack Hardware manufacturer Acer, Celebrity Law Firms Grubman Shire Michelas and Basta (They It is known that it has been leaked 2.4 GB of Lady Gaga legal documents), and Quanta, A leading computer parts supplier that works for Apple, among other big names It carried out a disruptive ransomware attack on meat processing giant JBS Foods Last May, Forcing the company to temporarily shut down some of its food production sites. All in all, they have done a lot of damage.

U.S. authorities have been urging Russia to crack down on cybercriminals operating within its borders. A Series Of Meeting Last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden agreed that the two leaders agreed that more could be done to stop ransomware attacks – although Russia has not really done so.

Nevertheless, it is a potentially promising development. If Russia is able to arrest this gang, it could indicate a more loyal attitude when it comes to following many. Other cyber criminal syndicates Working out of his territory.

Some commentators, however, have noted the strange timing of the FSB’s operation. The United States and Russia are currently embroiled in controversy over the political situation in Ukraine – where some U.S. commentators Complained that Russia is preparing for a military invasion. For instance, the possibility that Russia has arrested Reveal as a bargaining chip with the United States seems commendable to some. “I think it’s perfectly reasonable to worry about Russia’s covert motives,” said John Haltquist, vice president of intelligence at the recent Cyber ​​Firm Mandate threat. Told WIRED.

Ukraine has also suffered recently Cyber ​​attacks that have distorted government websites, Although no one has officially said who is responsible.

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