Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Russia is increasingly demanding that foreign technology companies set up shop Within its borders. Reuters Said The country’s telecom regulator Roskomnadzor has Call Thirteen foreign and most American companies will have an official Russian presence by 2022 so that they can comply with a law that came into force on July 1. The list includes well-known technologies such as Apple, Google, Meta (Facebook), Telegram, TickTock and Twitter.

The law demands local offices for “Internet companies” with more than 500,000 daily users. Some companies already have offices, though, and it’s unclear just what constitutes an official presence. Those who are thought to have violated the law may have complete restrictions or restrictions on advertising, data collection and money transfers.

As you may have guessed, the concern is that Russia may use the law to gain more control over these companies and their content. There is Russia There has been a clash with Apple Multiple times, for example, including fines for complaints Abuse of App Store dominance – This law can give more benefits to the officials. The move could also help pressure Russian companies to censor content that the government deems objectionable, such as social media posts supporting political opposition to Putin’s rule.

The announcement makes a complicated situation even more difficult. Russia is a significant market, some companies may not always lose, but respecting the request may mean enabling censorship and other rights violations. Companies may soon have to make decisions that are painful regardless of the outcome.

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