Russia opposes US sanctions over diplomatic expulsions

Russia will expel 10 U.S. diplomats and limit their work to a one-size-fits-all response to those remaining in Moscow Restrictions imposed The dramatic escalation of the system has come to a halt due to the initiative of President Joe Biden on Thursday.

Moscow will ban Russians and other non-Americans from working in U.S. missions in the country and will close a program that would allow U.S. State Department staff to travel to Russia indefinitely, as well as add eight U.S. government officials to its sanctions list.

A sign of Biden’s two-pronged approach – new sanctions against Russia over past allegations Proposing to “normalize” the relationship – May succeed, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday that there was a “positive response” to Moscow’s proposal Held a joint summit Between Biden and President Vladimir Putin.

The United States on Thursday announced a series of new sanctions against Russia over Moscow’s interference in US elections and what it said. Cyber ​​attackIncluding a ban on the purchase of new Russian state debt in US banks, a ban on 38 individuals and entities, and the expulsion of 10 diplomats.

“We will respond to this move with a mirror image,” Lavrov said of the diplomatic expulsion, but added that Moscow would leave without answering the debt limit for the time being.

“For obvious reasons, we don’t have this comparative advantage compared to the United States [financial] “Scale,” he said. “We also have the opportunity to take action against American businesses,” he said. [but] We will save them in

Lavrov also said that Moscow would stop working on US non-governmental organizations and charities “interfering in Russia’s political life” and called on US Ambassador to the Kremlin John Sullivan to return to the country for consultations following his counter-examples. .

The response was less militant than some analysts had predicted, and echoed remarks by Putin’s spokesman earlier on Friday that the Kremlin was open to Biden’s offer, despite the new sanctions.

“[Putin] “We are ready to develop dialogue as much as our counterparts are ready to do,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters before announcing the reciprocity. “In this sense it is probably positive that the two heads of state see it before their eyes.”

The White House on Thursday said the first set of anti-Russian measures under the new administration was “to impose costs on the Russian government to act if it wants to harm us”, adding: “We do not think we need to continue on the negative side? Trajectory.

In a telephone call with Putin two days before the announcement of the sanctions, Biden suggested that the two be consulted in a third country in the near future.

Investors said US sanctions affect Russia’s state debt This will only have a small effect on Moscow’s fund-raising capacity and the attractiveness of its bonds, since they allowed US banks to buy in the secondary market.

Moscow’s move would significantly reduce the number of U.S. staff at its embassy and two general consulates, and limit the ability of U.S. diplomats to travel across the country.

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