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Salesforce created In light of this, technology is one of the biggest steps in the industry Friday is an extremely restrictive Texas abortion law. In a message addressed to Slack’s staff, the company said it would help them and their immediate families relocate if they were concerned about access to reproductive health care in their state.

The message though, which was Retrieved from CNBC, Texas was not seen alone, after Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff went ahead Twitter To put it bluntly the company will help any employee move out of the state. However, CNBC reported that Salesforce did not take a position on the law in its slack message, emphasizing that it respects different opinions but maintains solidarity with women.

“These are incredibly personal issues that directly affect many of us – especially women,” Salesforce said. “The company has not taken a stand on the law. “We acknowledge and respect that we all hold deep and diverse perspectives. As a company, we stand with Salesforce and all our women everywhere.

Salesforce has an office in Dallas, he said Corporate website. A CNBC analysis of LinkedIn profiles found that about 2,000 people work for the company in Dallas.

Technology companies have been scrutinized in recent weeks for their silence on Texas abortion laws. The law prohibits abortion after six weeks, at a time when most women do not realize they are pregnant, and allow individuals File a lawsuit against someone Who helps women to have abortions after the permitted period.

While a small number of tech companies have spoken out or taken action, others have expressed the views of Texas politicians.

Uber and elevator Announced They will cover all legal fees for suing women for abortion. Bumble said it is forming a relief fund to finance Supporting organizations Reproductive rights of women in the state. Meanwhile, Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group, which owns Tinder and Hinge, said he is personal Create a fund Which will help Texas match staff perform abortions elsewhere.

GoDaddy, for its part, A site has been booted It was noticed from his server that anonymous hijackers in Texas help snatch people who have had an abortion six weeks later or who help them.

Then you have Elon MuskWho is the head of Tesla and SpaceX. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in an interview that Musk liked the state’s social policies, which the CEO did not confirm or deny.

Musk tweeted, “In general, I believe that the government should rarely impose its will on the people and when it is done, they should aspire to be the happiest.” “That said, I’d like to stay out of politics.”

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