Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

You don’t have to buy one Galaxy Z Fold 3 Or Flip 3 Get their software upgrades. Samsung Hall Assignment A One UI 3.1.1 update that brings the phone’s multitasking and app resizing features to the core Fold, Fold 2, Invert And Flip 5G.

The fold line is surprisingly most beneficial for its larger, tablet-like screen. Features like multi-active window (up to three apps at once) and app split view (viewing additional content for one app) make that folding display much more useful. You can force apps to resize and rotate in your folders, pin your favorites with the taskbar, and mirror your internal display on the cover screen.

Flip owners are not out of luck. Drag and Drop All Samsung foldable owners can create a new window for an already open app, and you can turn on Flex mode to bring media control when the phone is partially folded.

Most of these features are now being installed, although you’ll have to wait an extra week if you use the first Galaxy Fold. Not that you would probably think. This can significantly improve the usability of your old foldable, and suggests that Samsung is interested in gaining the loyalty of early adopters – if you increase the chances of buying another fold or flip when upgrading.

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