Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

If you have ever damaged your phone, you may be in a situation where it was difficult for you to find a place to repair it. Samsung is trying to help owners of its flagship devices avoid that situation with a new announcement . Starting October 26, more than 100 Best Buy stores will be launched across the United States Galaxy S And Galaxy Note Repair. Then, early next month, Samsung will begin repairing those same locations Galaxy Z foldable.

If you bring your phone to a store, they will be able to help with front and rear screen replacement, battery replacement, as well as ports and camera repairs. Best Buy’s Geek Squad will complete the repairs with the equipment and training provided by Samsung.

For the South Korean company, the partnership is about expanding its repair footprint. The 100 Best Buy stores add more than 550 personal-approved care locations that already exist across the United States. If you own a more affordable Samsung device, they won’t help you (And you may not like the idea of ​​Geek Squad managing your device), but it’s still a step in the right direction. Outside of Apple, most technology companies have fought to make it easier for their customers to find personal support, and this is something that can have a significant impact on someone’s relationship with the brand.

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