Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

The third quarter of 2021 was a record breaker for Samsung, which Post Revenue is 73.98 trillion Korean Won or US $ 63.1 billion. 10 percent more than that Same period Last year. It also reported an operating profit of 15.82 trillion Korean Won or U $ 13.5 billion, up 26 percent from the previous quarter.

Despite the epidemic, the tech giant’s semiconductor business posted revenue of 26.4 trillion won or US $ 22.6 billion, thanks to a strong demand for computers as companies implement home-based systems. Its DRAM sales, mainly for servers, are constantly increasing and this is the main reason for the great performance of the division. Samsung says it has been able to do business as usual “managing its product mix flexibly” despite the global shortage of chip components.

In addition to its chip business, Samsung’s mobile segment has made significant contributions to its record-breaking third quarter. Thanks to its mass market lineup and strong sales of its flagship models, with revenue of 28.42 trillion won or U $ 24.2 billion, it has seen an improvement from the previous quarter. The latter includes its new folding devices Galaxy Z Fold 3 And Galaxy Z Flip 3Although the company acknowledges that large marketing investments for its foldable have affected the overall profitability of the department.

It is also thanks to the high demand for its phones that Samsung’s display business has been able to post 8.86 trillion won or US $ 7.5 billion in revenue. Display revenue has increased from the previous quarter due to higher demand for small to medium OLED panels despite lower demand for large panels.

Samsung is optimistic about the fourth quarter as well as next year, but it has not provided specific guidelines for its chip business due to ongoing material supply problems affecting various industries. Yet it expects continued high demand for PCs and servers. Especially for the fourth quarter, it expects more revenue “due to the expanded supply of SoCs and related products for the launch of new 5G smartphones in 2022”.

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