Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Yes, there is Samsung Another unpacked event Shop. Tech Behemoth has announced that an unpacked Part 2 presentation will be on October 20 at 10 p.m. Samsung did not give much clue as to what it would unveil, but promised to show how the company is offering the opportunity to “debut through technology”. The Samsung app icons are shown according to the teaser (e.g. Health And SmartthingsPackaging in pastel colored boxes.

Rumors didn’t help much. The leaks suggested that Samsung could launch one Galaxy S21 FE That will bring S21 features On a more affordable phone, but not sure if that device will be released in 2021 – if it is at all. Samsung is increasingly relying on mid-range handsets Galaxy A52, And an S21 may not feel as pressured to release FE when the A series provides a sufficient number of feature sets.

As it stands, Samsung could focus on software and services. The company is keen to expand platforms like Health, and this could represent an opportunity to show where those ecosystems are going next. It could also be Samsung’s opportunity to preview the One UI change. Recently a technology company Ads in One UI app have been canceled, And we wouldn’t be surprised if there were more significant OS changes that Samsung wanted to show before the end of the year.

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