Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

A photo of the Samsung Home Hub at its base with a screenshot of its interface.

The Samsung Home Hub looks like your run-of-the-mill tablet, but it serves as the central controller for your SmartThings Smart Home.
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Samsung continues its quest to make its SmartThings platform your favorite smart home app, Interface overhauling, Making the platform more tinkerers friendly, And even bundling it with fancy company lines Bespoke kitchen appliances.

Now the company is creating a standalone screen for smart home control. Called the Home Hub, it is a docked tabletিতে Think of universal remote control from the back in the days of satellite TV. (Which, ah, not so long ago.)

You can use the Home Hub to turn off your Samsung TVs, check the status of your devices, and monitor their power usage. Home Hub will offer the same functionality as the SmartThings app on your smartphone and will work with other Samsung services, e.g. Cooking smart things And Samsung’s Clothing care arrangements.

To put it simply: If you plan to merge everything with Samsung in your home, the Home Hub will integrate it. Tablet Hall Debuting for the first time in Korea, but of course you can always use the app on your phone and tThere’s still a third-party SmartThings hub from Aeotec that you can buy right now to help you sync things. Samsung’s home hub is meant to be a complementary smart home device, rather than a replacement for existing devices.

Will be compatible with Home Hub Not released yet Matter The standard Samsung has publicResponsible for supporting Matter when devices become available in 2022.

Samsung’s SmartThings connected home platform is almost a decade old. But despite the widespread existence of virtual assistants and smart displays, it still feels like the “home of the future” is struggling to find its place.

Home Hub offers some progress on Google and Amazon’s Voice-First Smart Home platform. Samsung tends to make the hardware that works best. The funny thing is, it’s going to be on the physical device Route, instead of putting too much pressure on its virtual assistant Bixby, Which still exists but no one uses. A dedicated tablet SmartThings app front and center It also looks like it will be more readily available Those who do not like to use voice assistant and want a dedicated remote control for their smart home.

Also Samsung This has been announced CES 2022 That it is a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance or HCA, which started it “To make sure you don’t have to compromise your smart home experience to have devices across multiple brands.” The company will be different from this group Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), The committee helps to turn the matter and where Samsung is also a member.

You may be wondering how Working with smart home interoperability while Matter hasn’t yet launched is extremely effective for other alliances for customers., And, well, that part is still vague.

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