Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

Samsung Decorated at CES 2021, the solar-charging remote has been redesigned. In addition to using light to top up the battery, Samsung says the latest Echo Remote can convert router radio waves into energy to stay fully charged.

It is a smart idea to use radio waves from a router to charge the battery, as that energy is otherwise wasted. Several Company Radio Frequency (RF) has been tapping into the harvest for the past several years, although this method seems to be the most suitable for low-power devices such as TV remotes.

On the back of the remote is a solar panel, with dedicated buttons for streaming apps like Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video. The remote is made of recycled materials, which is in line with Samsung’s sustainable efforts. When last year Solar cell remote control Available only in black in 2022, Samsung has a white option to match the look of Lifestyle TVs.

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