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Prosperous in the pandemic: winners and losers of the Covid era
How big companies have fared in the two years since the virus originated

Graphics of the year – makes sense of 2021
Visualization has become increasingly important in the telling and understanding of stories

Forecast of the world in 2022
FT authors share their predictions for the new year, from the possible emergence of an even more contagious strain of coronavirus to the Ukraine stand-off and the NFT bubble

Year in a Word 2021
From NFT to blah blah blah, editors and correspondents at the Financial Times reflect on the words of the year

Where have weather records been broken so far this year?
The FT follows extreme and record-breaking climate events from around the world

2021 is gradually getting warmer.

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Student Choices

We encourage student readers to choose FT articles that they found interesting and tell us why. Email your ideas to schools@ft.comworld economy.

Dumitru Comarnitchi selected at Northampton Academy How NFTs became a $ 40 billion market in 2021. It helped me understand what NFTs are, how big the market has become and what the risks are. An example of how emerging technologies are disrupting industries, in this case art and digital property / copyright.

Bar graph of Value of Sales sent to major NFT platforms, $ m showing that NFTs exploded in popularity in 2021

One to watch

Free dinner. The case for a universal basic income

The pandemic has opened the door to radical economic reform, argues the FT’s Martin Sandbu

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