Scientists want to investigate the source of the coronavirus

In a photo taken on March 17, 2020, British artist Luke Jeram looks at a glass sculpture of the stork-covi-2 virus titled

In a photo taken on March 17, 2020, British artist Luke Jeram looks at a glass sculpture of the stork-covi-2 virus titled “Raw Virus-19”.
Pictures: Adrian Dennis / AFP (Getty Images)

Scientists in several countries have called for a serious investigation into the origin of the SARS-Covi-2, a novel coronavirus that gave rise to the Covid-1p epidemic. In an open letter released on Thursday, the group said there were still many unanswered questions about how the epidemic began and that the so-called “lab-leaked” theory remained as admirable as the natural source theory.

Organization of the World Health Organization in early February Revealed Preliminary results of an investigation into the outbreak of the epidemic in December 2012, which involved researchers traveling to the first few areas of infection in the Wuhan region of China. The group has ruled out the possibility of the virus reaching the human population by releasing it from a nearby virology lab, but they have called it ‘extremely unlikely’. They probably decided that the virus had spread from animals (probably bats) to humans, probably through intermediate hosts such as pangolins.

Even then, WHO decisions were unlikely to be made public. Some polls Suggest that most people continue to believe that the virus was deliberately created as Biowan and left in the wild. There are still other people, including the former head of the CDCRobert RedfieldStill decide that the virus can only be leaked from a lab without malicious intent. According to this theory, the leaked virus may have been manipulated in the lab beforehand, but it can only come from the wild and reach humans without any change.

Many scientists have critiqued, provided more fantastic versions of these theories Proof There is nothing innately doubtful about the genetics of SARS-CoV-2 that suggests making it a biowon. They further noted that viruses regularly jump from one species to another, so it is entirely admirable that the epidemic could have started as one of these zoonotic events.

The author of this new letter, Published In science, do not argue on these issues. But they say closing the door to the lab leak theory too soon, not without too much evidence. The authors write, “Accidental release theories from a lab and zoonotic spillover are effective.

Their bottom line is that not enough has been done to make the theory of lab leaks truly impossible. As evidence, they cited WHO Director-General Tedros Gheribiasis. In her Finished comment Following the final release of the WHO team in late March, Gherebius said their investigation into the possibility of a lab crash was not comprehensive enough and “more data and studies will be needed to reach a stronger conclusion” – he said he was willing to allocate more resources. Will.

The tendency to leak a lab for the epidemic is a lasting doubt not only in science, but also in the politics of the country that has emerged. Notorious for censoring unforgettable information about the Chinese government, often for silencing their own citizens. Regardless of its original source, China tried Limited information Early on about the epidemic, from doctors and scientists who tried to warn the world about the potential threat of Kovid-19, including the country. Imposed WHO bans investigators from being sent to Ohan.

The authors come from universities and research institutes in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, including Harvard, MIT, and Cambridge University. And they say that only a truly impartial investigation into how Covid-19 works will be able to clear the air. No theory about the virus should be abandoned until this is possible.

“Until we get enough information we must make assumptions about both natural and laboratory spillovers,” they wrote. “A proper investigation should be conducted in a transparent, objective, information-driven, comprehensively competent manner, subject to independent monitoring and responsibly conducted to minimize the impact of conflicts of interest.”

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