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Scottish independence updates

The British government will not stand in the way of a second Scottish independence referendum if there is a ‘firm will’ in support of another vote, said Cabinet Minister Michael Gove as tensions between London and Edinburgh continues about the future of the union.

In an interview with the Sunday post, Gove said that although it was not the right time to raise the issue of independence, he argued that the Westminster government under the ‘right circumstances’ would not prevent the Scottish public from expressing their views on it. .

“The principle that the people of Scotland can ask the question again in the right circumstances is there,” he told the newspaper. ‘I just do not think it’s right, and the public does not think it’s right to ask the question at the moment. If it is so that there is clearly a firm will in favor of a referendum, one will happen. ”

Gove’s comments come as the Scottish Government increases political pressure on independence.

During the local elections in May, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who achieved her fourth consecutive victory, campaigned for the manifesto promise to hold a second referendum by 2023.

The following month is Gove, which is responsible for strengthening the union for 313 years, said he thought it would be unlikely that the British government would approve a referendum before the 2024 general election.

“I think it’s stupid to talk about a referendum now – our recovery of Covid,” he said at the time. “It seems to me at best reckless, in the worst folly, to try to move the conversation to constitutional division when people expect us to work together to meet these challenges.”

These remarks received a sharp refutation from Sturgeon, who described it as’sneering, arrogant condescensionAnd argued that the British government’s position would only increase support for independence.

Back in 2014, 2m people – 55.3 percent – voted in favor of the UK share, while 44.7 per cent of the Scottish public voted for independence.

Sturgeon and her allies argued that support for a second referendum was increasing, with the vote now ‘matter of when – not if not”.

A poll for the Sunday Times newspaper in June by Panelbase found that 48 percent of people, independent of “do not know”, prefer independence. But that represents a drop of four percentage points from a previous poll in April.

In response to Gove’s latest comments, SNP leader Westminster Ian Blackford-LP expressed skepticism and warned that the Scottish public could not trust the Tories to protect Scotland and that the country ‘another decade of Tory sovereignty ‘.

“The fundamental point that Michael Gove missed is that the people of Scotland spoke out and expressed their firm will to hold a referendum when, more than two months ago, they won a majority of independence supporting MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. “, Blackford said.

Although the SNP was one seat less than a majority in the May election, pro-independence parties won 72 of the 129 seats in Edinburgh’s parliament.

Blackford added: ‘If Boris Johnson continues to ignore the mandate of the people of Scotland to hold a referendum, he will tell the people of Scotland that their opinion does not matter. This will only increase support for independence. ”

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