Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

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Konaté Massioudou is a scrap yard trader in Ivory Coast, whose deafness does not define or deter him.

Konaté Massioudou repairs, rebuilds and sells the thousands of household items from Europe that are thrown away and dumped every day in Anoumabo, a massive electronic waste scrap yard in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Always on the go, he fixes stoves, scrambles for customers, negotiates transactions and talks to his assistant – all in sign language. His deafness does not define or frighten him.

Scrapyard Anoumabo, by filmmaker Joël Akafou, brings us into Konaté’s life as he shares his inspiring story.

Joël Akafou is an Ivorian writer / director who has directed short films and feature documentaries that have been screened internationally at film festivals. He has won several awards, including at Visions du Réel, Corsica.Doc and Brussels International Film Festival. Cross over, his second documentary, started at the Berlinale and won the Grand Prize at the Belfort Festival.

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