See our rotating virtual deep sea with real oceanographers

We love the deep sea The science here is in Warid, and we have the coverage to prove it. From Mysterious, just visible fish And High-tech submerged deep sea Per Virtual reality tour sea floor And Marine conservation challenge, It is safe to say that we like to think about what might await us in the depths of the water beneath the oceans of Earth and the moon of Jupiter, the moon of Europa and Saturn, the ice under Enceladus.

Since we still can’t see those places, we have to look for a sea of ​​games Sabnatika: Below Zero, Officially launched on Friday 14th March. The Game of Survival It captures what it can be like to survive using the resources available in a rich deep-sea environment, trapped in an ice-covered ocean world. But who better to tell us than experts what the real challenges of ocean exploration look like, especially what ocean exploration challenges might be on completely different planets? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration And Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Who is doing the research at the moment?

We asked them to tag us in our virtual dive, the research expedition they would go on, talk to us about what robotic immersion controls in the ocean environment might like, how they expect to find or learn their voyage, and similar immersions for sea exploration in other worlds. This is how robots can be created and controlled. Having fun? Join us here or Live on our Twitch channel, Eastern time at evening, Pacific pm

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