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In Bitcoin-themed Superspreader event And Kringji Branded NFT’s set a high bar in the crypto community for creating the worst ways to hack the currency of their choice. But this week, the creators of the Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency launched the “Elon Got Token” (yes, that’s it. In fact it is called) Came up with a propaganda campaign that might have blown those other ideas out of the water It’s a statue of Elon Musk with the expressionless face on a goat’s body, and look at it … just like you think it would be.

“Every important moment in human history, a magnum opus or masterpiece captures the essence of that time. Think of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Statue of David. Picasso’s Guernica, “reads A 12-page white paper Explain the concept of new currency.

“The world is now on the brink of the greatest transfer of wealth in its entire history,” the proclamation continued. “What better way to start this new burning age than to celebrate the demise of the most innovative man of the twenty-first century, Elon Musk?” See:

Image courtesy of Crypto Dev He says he spent $ 500,000 on Elon Musk's head statue on a goat's body

Whatever your feelings about Elon Musk, the goat, or the word “innovation”, you can’t deny that the statue is uncomfortable, to say the least. Maybe it’s goat’s horn. Maybe it’s true that he’s riding a rocket that seems to be actively electrifying him. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – the Elon Gott team plans to attach the 30-foot-tall statue to a Tesla and move the item to the automaker’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, “to the admiration of Musk and the world.” “You can watch the promotion clip below and come to your own decision:

A Motherboard interview A developer of Crypto, along with Ashley Sunsalon, revealed that the idea for this awesome human-goat hybrid actually came up at 3:30 a.m. during a consultation call, which, yes, could explain some things. The guy on the other end of the line apparently came up with the idea for an NFT series featuring a goat-made mask. Sunsalon, to his credit, told the outlet that he did not want to waste time pumping thousands of NFTs that were “meaningless.” [him], Personally. ”

Image courtesy of Crypto Dev He says he spent $ 500,000 on Elon Musk's head statue on a goat's body

Clearly, making “a giant goat” (his words) makes more sense. And after doing logistical research, Sansalone concludes that the easiest way to make that giant goat would be indoors, and a trailer একটি a strategy that his team would otherwise have to comply with regulations and zoning laws. As a result, the idea of ​​trapping that giant goat behind a Tesla, taking it around the country, and throwing it at Elon Musk’s doorstep, probably … has been tweeted about, since Its kind of specialty.

Sunsalon noted in an interview that he had already paid a hefty $ 20,000 to an outside designer to start work on the project, and that the designer was prolonging his goat work. On Instagram. Sansalon said he expected the statue to be completed “in four months” and that it would cost about $ 500,000 after all. But if this catastrophe somehow puts Alan Goat in his name on the Twitter feed — which has been seen Spiking alone The price of other crypto in the past — then maybe that price is valuable.

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