Sun. May 29th, 2022

Animated versions of Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby mecha suit up

Seriously, give all of them all the cookies.
Screenshot: YouTube

Step aside Transformers, Pacific Rim, and Iron-ManMecha Elmo, Mecha Cookie Monster, and Mecha Abby are here to save the day with their incredible powers in Mecha Builders. Who knew the problems of Sesame Street could be solved by Muppets in super suits?

Watch the trailer below for mecha shrinking and mecha giant chaos; it’s all coming to Cartoonito in May.

We’re really willing to bet that the boulder in this teaser has something to do with Rocco the Rock. For those behind on their Sesame Street gossip, Elmo and Rocco previously engaged in a viral feud When Zoe kept pushing Elmo’s sense of reality and boundaries by claiming her rock should be treated like a whole person. So showing a boulder as An action sequence in this may lean into the possibility that Zoe and Rocco could be the opposing sides against the Mecha Builders … or maybe we’re just letting our Twitter-frenzied imaginations run wild, just as these small-town heroes of the streets are running wild with their newfound suits. Together in this series Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby become known as the Mecha Builders. No crisis is too big or small for them as they team up with one another’s strengths to solve problems even if they fail the first time. Elmo’s arm seems able to manifest any tool at will like a fan or mixer—which can be very useful to bake cookies and cool them down quick. Abby is very much a flying helper like Marvel’s Wasp, and Cookie Monster definitely gives Hulk vibes. (Does that mean the Count is their Morbius?)

At any rate, this Cartoonito series looks like it’ll be extremely cute while conveying its kid-friendly messages about the importance of working together. Mecha Builders arrives on Cartoon Network May 9; you can also stream the following day on HBO Max.

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