Seven EU countries have just received a digital vaccine passport

Why it’s important: As an initial mover, the EU could help guide the epidemic-epidemic world travel. The bloc is in talks with the U.S. on how to test the status of vaccinating American visitors this summer. This could be a cause for concern for policymakers and data privacy experts who have expressed concern about vaccine passports, which could be used to further increase inequality. (See why to read more about it Full coverage Of Subject From our Epidemic Technology Project team.)

Dead end ?: However, this currently seems impossible Vaccine passport Will become commonplace for travel in the United States. Several states have banned them, including Alabama, Arizona, Florida, and Georgia. America’s first government-issued vaccine passport New York’s Accelerator Pass has been downloaded More than a million times, But a small proportion of the 9 million vaccines that have been given, and a large number of traders are still not using it.

Even early movers are digging them. Israel is one of the first countries to make a passport for the vaccine. It is “Green pass“Designed to allow access to restaurants and sporting events for those who can prove they were vaccinated. However, successful vaccination in the country has doubled the number of coronaviruses. Israel canceled the pass this week It moves to open completely for everyone

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