Short colonial pipeline is coming back as the gas crisis ramps up

A gas station in Atlanta, Georgia was out of gas on Tuesday.

A gas station in Atlanta, Georgia was out of gas on Tuesday.
Pictures: Ben Margot (AP)

Large parts of the east coast are erupting from the juice of valuable refined carcasses used to fuel most of the country’s vehicles, with the most, 500-mile Colon colonial pipeline system spreading five thousand days after the release equipment – the country’s largest gasoline pipeline, Gulf Coast Refinery Connection In northern cities such as New York. Some areas are now completely depleted due to the combination of panic shopping, hoardings and regular gas goosebumps. (Pipeline coming back, see update below))

There is no shortage of fossil fuels; They can’t reach their destination because of malware that encrypts colonial computer systems and forces the pipeline to shut down. As a “precautionary measure.” The Colon colonial pipeline system supplies 2.5 million barrels of petrol, diesel and jet fuel per day, which Bloomberg reported Equal to the power of the whole of Germany. According to CNN business, About two-thirds (65%) of North Carolina was without gas at 12:37 p.m. ET, with 422% of stations in Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina having similar outages. Tennessee (14%), Florida (10%), Maryland (9%), and West Virginia (4%) are also running low. Some cities were worse: 711% of stations in Metro Charlotte, 0% in Atlanta, 2% in Raleigh and 3% in Pensacola.

Total stations are closed More than ten thousand runs, And gas prices A gallon broke 3 broke According to AAA data. To make matters worse, the pipeline outage coincides with one Lack of fuel truck drivers. Considered feeding Jones waived the law, A maritime law requiring US-built and manned ships to transport goods between U.S. ports, in the hope that the enlistment of foreign ships could ease logistical problems that could currently prevent gas from reaching customers.

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that three gas stations in Pennsylvania are still days away from gas. And long tanker trucks waiting to meet in New Jersey. The network said Colon Colony would announce on Wednesday whether it would be able to begin the process of restarting the pipeline network.

“Colon Colony has announced that they are working towards a full recovery this weekend, but we are not taking any chances,” Transportation Secretary Pete Batigieg told reporters at a press briefing on Wednesday. “Our top priority now is to provide the necessary communities with energy and we will continue to do our best to achieve this goal in the days to come.”

However, Bloomberg reports that it will take some time for normal service to fully recover:

The Colon colony has only been able to reopen a small portion of the pipeline as a stopgap measure. Even if the pipeline is restored to full service, it will take about two weeks for the petrol stored in Houston to reach the East Coast filling stations, according to the most recent schedule sent to the shipper. For diesel and jet fuels, the transit time is longer – about 19 days – because they are heavier and run more slowly.

The FBI believes that the hackers behind the ransom attack belong to a cybercriminal group called Darkside, which has been active since August 2020 and does not usually target targets in the former Soviet bloc. Assistant Printing Press. (Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs Recommendations Installing a Cyrillic keyboard on your PC to avoid contamination)) The computer penetrates the network, mimics itself on a connected machine, and then locks access to users by encrypting the file system, usually demanding a ransom in cryptocurrency. Encryption Techniques or Cybersecurity Researchers have not discovered the specific encryption key used in an attack, and it is virtually impossible to decrypt a computer network unless a transportware is turned on. In recent years, hackers have used various forms of malware to attack all U.S. government hospitals and school networks, as well as entire municipal governments, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Not only did companies like Darkside Hospital try to build a reputation for using ransom to attack rich people, but also gave some of its proceeds. Charitable grants. The team Has also made a public announcement That ial colonial chaos on his website was not intentionally or politically motivated. However, as Wired explanationThe gang’s business model appears to be a ransom as a service, lending its malware and cyber infrastructure to other attackers and attempting to dismantle any profits, and shifting the blame for the colonial incident to a criminal partner. Works with tried. (Ransomware can also be arbitrary, which is never explicitly expected in the systems that control it.) So far, the Fed has indicated that it does not believe the attack was carried out by a rival state.

According to CBSIt is not yet clear whether a ransom has been demanded, or whether Colon intends to pay a ransom. The FBI has formally encouraged ransom victims not to pay such ransoms, but has acknowledged that they may feel sorry for them. No other choice. The Washington Post reports that Colonial has listed Cybersecurity firm Mandiant (a division of FireWire) to help rebuild its system from backups, and that Darkside has lost access to the targeted system, meaning there can be no more incentives to pay.

It is easy to see why Darkside has tried to distance itself from the attack, which is being hampered by a massive federal response.

On Wednesday, President Biden Told reporters That we should expect to “hear some good news in the next 24 hours,” he added, adding that “we will get it under control.”

“I am not surprised. “It was realistic before a major infrastructural rinsomware incident,” security expert MCSoft’s threat analyst Brett Collo told Wired. “Darkside understands that this level of perception is not a good thing and can bring the government into action. They may have smaller attacks at the moment in the hope that they will be able to continue making money for longer. “

Update 5:19 pm: Jennifer Granholm, Zwina’s secretary Sure A few moments ago, the CEO of Colon Colonial Pipeline informed him that the pipeline activities would start at 5 pm today. The juice will still take some time to travel across the country.

Updated: 6:20 p.m. This article has been updated to make it clear that the ransom attack did not directly affect the pipeline control system, and the Colon colony took it offline as a precautionary measure.

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