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The footage found is in a scene from the horror film V / H / S / 94, in which a panicked man sits in front of a camera in front of several stacked TVs.

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First V / H / S The movie was released in 2012, which came on the heels of a low budget Horror of footage found Insanity (Phantom activity And REC Published in 2007; Cloverfield Was 2008) and capturing the last moment in culture before that The VCR became completely obsolete. Two sequels followed Of 2014 V / H / S: Viral Embrace the power of phone footage and internet. Now, seven years later, there has been a new entry in the Anthology series : V / H / S / 94, Which is Set in 1994-A choice that supports the use of your use-of Older technology, although its content seems a lot like a throwback in 2004, in the days of “pornography” such as I saw And Hostel.

It’s not trivial V / H / S / 94, Which tells you right there in the title that this is going to happen A retro viewing experience, And there’s definitely some creative thinking behind the use of its shaky cams, carefully placed tracking blips and general adherence to deadly production standards. Action “filming” characters can be amateur, but the directors who really say the shots know exactly what they’re doing. The key to the footage is to remind you that you are seeing something “real” – and even if no one is really deceived about it. Blair’s Witchcraft Project, Creating that illusion is still one of the drivers of the genre. V / H / S / 94 It knows exactly what kind of movie it is, and it also knows that its viewers do the same; It comes around “Why is anyone still filming this?” Issues that always plague cleverly found footage movies. Tip: What is this clever way you can add here? More importantly, realize it The Horror The footage found is part of the horror What people are tuned to see. And from that point of view, it’s more than just distribution এখানে there’s a lot of wrinkles, cuts, skin-tears, explosions, and otherwise people’s heads are badly cut in this thing, it’s almost as if the directors involved are trying to scale each other out.

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Again, that No. On a little V / H / S / 94. Its splatter factor is sky-high and attention to detail is admirable across all its sections. Written and directed by Jennifer Reeder, Frame Story “Holy Hell” follows a police raid on a Doomsday cult underground headquarters – a place full of mannequins, static-blasting TVs and human body parts. “Storm Drain”, written and directed by Chloe Okuno, follows an aspiring TV reporter as he and his cameraman track down an urban legend known as an “urban man” in the sewer … -The story of interest. “Empty Awake” from the author-director Simon Barrett, About a young woman who was assigned to film an overnight service in a different space (at least, she Thinks It is empty) funeral home. Writer-director Timo Tajhanto’s “Subject”, a Dr. The type of Frankenstein that is obsessed with making a human-machine hybrid in any way necessary. And “Terror”, written and directed by Ryan Pros, introduces an extremist militia group that has somehow equipped itself with “spiritual superweapons”, the true nature of which we will not waste here.

Each segment has some great (and / or pleasantly disgusting) moments, but in 100 minutes, V / H / S / 94 Sounds a little overwhelming, especially since each frame seems to have been run a few times (purpose, of course, but still). While “The Wake” has its own nice – it’s the segment that makes the most use of a still camera, which uses a tornado siren for welcoming, and terrifying effects – it makes the most sense to others and can probably be excised to reduce running time a bit. There are a few more net-picks that viewers have to give up ব্যবহার perhaps using TV news for convenient exposure to “subjects,” but still feeling a kind of laziness; The uncomfortable feeling throughout the whole movie is that the hand of an invisible editor is working, somehow sewing all the bits together from the different cameras used in each segment; And at least one instance where the camera is clearly involved in a huge explosion … and yet somehow, the footage looks unpublished in the blink of an eye.

If you want to enjoy it, you need to forgive the frustration and the logic of telling that story V / H / S / 94, Which is certainly possible. It leans towards a mood that seems to suggest that mysticism can reach the blink of an eye, but there’s a clever sense of humor going on; It also works for a chipper informative (directed by Stephen Kostansky) Out of curiosity Fierce kitchen equipment in its flow. While it doesn’t count as truly found footage, it certainly captures the film’s purposeful attitude: nostalgia that fills you with complete fear.

V / H / S / 94 ud comes to Shuder in October.

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Pictures: Trembling

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