SkulptSynth SE is a 199 199 portable virtual analog synth with MPE support

Model Electronics has created a toy with a one-to-one punch in the budget synth market SkulptSynth And Craftsynth 2.0. The scallop was a $ 299 virtual analog that took aim One And the volka keys slowly merge slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly. The craft, on the other hand, went for a wild wavy engine that is like nothing else in the $ 150 price range. The SkulptSynth SE The price is based on the success of the original scallop, surpassing just of 199 and improving the build quality.

People have regularly complained about the construction of Scalp and Craft 2 – including me. These sound impressive, but somehow seem cheap and light. The Volka line is not exactly the form of premium materials, but they feel much more powerful than the budget equipment of the model. I’ve still tried Scalpot SEO for myself, so can’t be sure how good the build is, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Although under the hood, the SE is almost like the original school. It is a two-pole resonant filter with a four-voice, 32-oscillator virtual analog synthesis that can go from looppass to bandpass, hype. There are envelopes dedicated to filters, amps and modulation as well as two LFOs, one of which is polyphonic. The controls in SE are not MPE ready, you can connect a compatible controller like Sensor Morph and have expressive control over each note, which is virtually impossible for a hardware synthesizer at this price point.

There is also a rigid arpeggiometer and a 256-step sequencer. There are also built-in distortions and delay effects to further enhance your sound and add some space. Not to mention USB, full-size MIDI in and out, 3.5mm headphones and lineout jacks and analog sync for connection and other companies Volcas, Pocket operator And choice.

And, being a model synth, it can certainly be attached to model applications. The app is great and gives you subtle granular control over what a camouflage deep synth engine key is. Of course, the app has a lot more to do with Craft 2 which limits hands-on controls.

Design is immediately the biggest between Oz Scalt and SE. The original was dark gray with orange highlights to orange gray and the labels on the controls were a bit confusing. The more clearly defined signal path to the front, the easier it is to read the light design of the SE.

SkulptSynth SEO is available for now 199.

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