Snap is reportedly working with AR Spectacles and a selfie drone

Snap No stranger to hardware after the release of several versions of it Spectacles Smart glasses Year after year. The next step could be a pair with a built-in display that supports augmented reality effects.

The next-gen Spectacles will be able to apply Snapchat lenses (or AR effects) to the surrounding environment without using the smartphone’s camera, according to Information. At least for now, these smart glasses are not for everyday users. They seem to have to look at the developers and creators, who make the most popular lenses on Snapchat. It seems that Snap hopes that these people will create a new lens-style experience for glasses, which it may reveal more widely in the future. The company is set to announce AR Spectacles at its developer conference in May, the report said.

Snap’s co-founders talked about bringing AR to the spectacle, so the move isn’t surprising. Still, if the company is preparing to debut in a version of Spectacles in May, it could take a step back from other notable technology companies, such as AR Wearables, such as Snap. Facebook, Apples And if Pokemon Go Developer Nantic.

Meanwhile, Snap has reportedly revived its long-held plan to build selfie drones. The company is said to have created a company called Zero Zero Robotics with an investment of 20 million. A folding camera drone. There was a snap In the so-called discussion Now to buy the startup in 2017, now Snap hardware engineers are working on their own machine with the help of a drone company to Information. It’s not clear if Snap is planning to start selling drones.

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