Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Something Snapchat Users have had problems with the app this morning, with several mentioning on Twitter that they are Disabled Per Send picture. The company acknowledged the discrepancy and said it was looking into the matter.

Outage reports from users are skyrocketing Down detector Morning: 30. Sometime before E0, stop tapping before E in the morning. A Heat map Indicates that the report is coming from the United States and at the time of writing, users are still there Proud of confusion On Twitter. Engadget contacted Snap for more details, and we’ll update this post when things get back to normal.

This is the latest major issue to affect a major social media service over the past week or so. There was Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp More than six hours down 4 October. Facebook Blamed the deviation A “faulty configuration change” that caused a crash with DNS servers. Facebook apps Went down again For a few hours last Friday. Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening Twitter had a minor problem, with some users not loading tweets for spelling.

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