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I mean ... let's go

I mean … let’s go
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Apple CEO Tim Cook is not known for losing his cool. He had Strict word for Facebook, And trying to make people A TV show based on Gaokar for Apple TV +, But in general guys? If Cook comes off as a genius Surprisingly swollen, gent – your healthy tech grandfather. At least, until you put him on the phone with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The story goes that in 2016, Tesla fell into some serious financial crisis. Cook got on the phone with Kasturi and Apple offered to buy Tesla. Curious Kasturi laid down a condition – that he was the CEO. Cook agreed, thinking he was the CEO of Tesla. And then Elon Musk, becoming Elon Musk, says, no, Cook didn’t understand. Wanted to be its CEO Apples. Just then Cook said, “Fuck you,” and hung up.

It comes with a story of spicy meatballs and its courtesy An LA Times review Power play, A book by Tim Higgins, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, about the history of Tesla. This is also the opposite A yarn musk Towards the end of 2020. At that time, Musk Tweeted“On the darkest days of the Model 3 program, I approached Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of acquiring Apple Tesla (for 1/10 of our current price). He refused to attend the meeting.”

That alone would make the tech CEO tantalizing, he said. However, the plot is dense. Ashley Vance, Bloomberg journalist and author Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the search for a better future, Tweeted “I’ve never met, talked to or written to the team,” Musk told him. Musk too Tweeted He himself said, “Cook and I never talked or wrote to each other.” He tweeted in December before relaying the same story. In a mine, musk too Tweeted That “Higgins was able to make his book both false * and * annoying.”

However, it appears that both men were present at a meeting with former President Donald Trump in New York in December 2016. Only a handful of people know if they talk to each other at that meeting.

Meanwhile, Cook himself said a Interview with the New York Times Earlier this year, though, he “never spoke to Elon, though [he had] Great appreciation and respect for the company he has created. ”

In the midst of all this, Higgins Also on Twitter, Wrote that Musk and Apple were given the opportunity to comment on the story and did not. Higgins wrote, “This episode comes from Musk’s own account of the conversation, who heard it repeated at the time.”

Apparently, someone is lying about something somewhere – although frankly, the fact that this story is absolutely admirable is that it says a lot about everyone involved. Neither Cook nor Musk is likely to deviate from the official line, but it is not unreasonable to assume that there may be some tension between the two companies. In recent months, rumors have spread that Apple still has Works in own electric car. In 2015, there was a buzz between the two companies “Hunting War”, So much so that Musk spoke of Smack with a German newspaper. “Important engineers? They hired us,” Kasturi said Handlesblatt has been told. “We always jokingly call Apple a ‘Tesla cemetery.’ If you don’t make it at Tesla, you go to work at Apple. I’m not kidding. “Kasturi also took a fair share of the potshot at Apple When making an earnings call He met with Cook earlier this week and shortly after the denial, he tweeted In support of Epic Games.

I don’t know, Elon. You’re not doing it right to believe for everyone No It happened in.

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