Softbank Japan reports record net profit of 46 46 billion Japanese company

Softbank reported the highest annual net profit for a Japanese company to boost its investment valuation, even as it stopped selling in U.S. technology companies as its profits for the current quarter declined.

The record profit for the year ended March 30 was driven by a The vibrant US market For initial public offerings, which turned the সং 2.7 billion investment of the technology company in Kupang, South Korea, into পরে 22 billion after the ecommerce company Went public In March.

At the end of March, however, the value of some holdings in the Vision Fund fell because of this Sale off In U.S. technology companies that were driven by concerns about inflationary pressures.

Kupang’s valuation, which at one point reached ৮ 116 billion, fell to $ 62 billion, while shares of Uber and Kay Holdings, owners of online property platform BK Zhaofang, both fell 15 percent since the end of March.

These changes depend on the financial performance of Softbank, which depends on volatility Less injury Last year the global epidemic sparked a huge sell-off in its assets.

“We believe [the market] We need to have a very disciplined strategy to keep the volatility here and our vision is to monetize, ”a Vision Fund official said on Wednesday.

The Chinese ride-healing company is pointing to companies like Didi Chuching and TickTock owner ByteDance. Expected to the public Soon, the person added: “There is a significant underlying value for unlocking it when it comes to the public. It will see any volatility in public markets.

For the full year ended March, Softbank reported a net profit of ¥ 4.98tn ($ 46bn) compared to a loss of 96 61,961 a year earlier. According to SMBC Nikko Securities, the ¥ 2.5tn profit reported by Toyota in FY2018-18 was much better than the previous record.

Softbank’s Saudi-backed b 100 billion vision fund and its sequel b 30 billion fund reported a profit of 6. 6.4tn on their investment value. At the end of March, the fund invested $ 700 million in Auto 1, a German online car dealer Listed in February, Was valued at $ 2.3bn, while its 80 680m Dordash investment was valued at n8.3bn.

Meanwhile, softbank unit SB Northstar, which was established to play the market on listed tech stocks, suffered a derivative loss of $ 300m in the January-March quarter, bringing the total loss to পর 5.6bn since September.

Investors have already set record quarterly prices and are drawing attention to how the IPO market will hold up and whether Softbank will be more effective, said Kirk Buddry, an analyst at Redex Holdings. Share Its stock price support.

Shares of Softbank traded at a 21-year high in mid-March, but the stock is now down 14 percent. The group did not announce a share backback on Wednesday as it rolled out a 23 billion resale program. Was launched last year Caused by epidemics during market shutdown.

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