Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Meter in-house staff do not have to Back to the office for months, But some of its contract workers are now receiving similar reps. BuzzFeed News There is I have learned Subcontractor Accenture has abolished a requirement that hundreds of Facebook moderators return to work in person on January 24 in Mountain View, California. The original plan, given to moderators by the end of December, would force around 400 people to work around where the highly contagious Omicron variant of COVID-19 is still likely to spread widely.

The announcement sparked public and private protests against the decision, with “about a dozen” threatening to resign. BuzzFeed Moderators said it was impossible to maintain the social distance requirements of the Accenture due to tightly packed offices, closed stairs and poor application, and the company did not offer discounts for immunocompromised workers or weak family members.

A spokesman for Accenture confirmed that Kovid-19 moderators working from home based on health information “should continue to do so” and claimed that the company had worked “collaboratively” to reconcile people in compliance with the law. Meta, meanwhile, said it would “continue to prioritize” the health and safety of all workers. Meter’s own staff may return to the office by the end of June.

This concern is not strictly new. Moderators blamed Meta (then Facebook) in 2020 Putting lives at risk Some contractors were asked to work from the office even when family members were at high risk. Meta disputed some of the claims at the time, but not all of them. It comes after a $ 52 million settlement Those with moderators who said they created PTSD and other mental health problems while screening harmful substances. However, this latest incident suggests that Meta has not yet been able to shake off concerns about the well-being of its moderation team.

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