Some Kindle editors can now display your current book as your lockscreen

File it under the Kindle as it should have been after launch, but Amazon is now adding an option that allows you to set the cover of the book you are currently reading. Lockscreen wallpaper. The company is in the process of rolling out the feature to Kindle owners around the world and says it supports most books, magazines, comics and manga covers.

Display cover for 8th and 10th generation as long as you have a non-advertising device Kindle, Seventh and tenth generation Paperwhite, 8th, 9th and 10th generation Oasis And the 7th generation Travel. If you’re not sure if your Kindle is compatible, Amazon has an effective list Website. Either way, you’ll find the new option in your Kindle’s settings menu, toggling the “Show cover” feature enabled. We’ll mention here that you can pay 20 20 to remove lockscreen ads from your device.

Of course, whether you want to enable the feature will depend on what you are reading at the moment. If you are interested in showing the world your love for David Foster Wallace, then, by any means, show that they are working Is infinite. But some people might like to hide the fact that they are reading such a novel Fifty shades of gray.

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