Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

A large part of Microsoft is preparing to complete Cloud gaming puzzle When it comes to the option . Starting today, though, a random group of Alpha Skip-Ad and Alpha Insiders could try cloud gaming on their consoles. In the coming weeks the test will be further extended to members of the internal and other preview rings.

If you have access, you can try Cloud Gaming by looking for the Cloud icon in the title in the Xbox Game Pass Library. To see a complete list of games you can stream, go to My Games and Apps, then pass the full library and Xbox games, and change the filter to Cloud Gaming. In the beginning, you can play more than 100 games without downloading – as long as you have a strong enough internet connection.

Microsoft has raised some familiar issues , Not being able to play base games as part of a bundle (Hello: The Master Chief Collection, In this case). You can’t make any purchases in-game while playing Cloud Gaming Title, but you can do so through your console or on the web store. Meanwhile, if you have a game installed on an external drive that is not connected to your Xbox, you will not be able to play it in the cloud. This sounds like a boring bug but hey, this is for beta testing.

If you still don’t have access, don’t worry too much. Console Cloud Gaming should be available to all Game Pass Ultimate customers within the next few months, probably during play . Xbox One owners will be able to play some series X / S games on their consoles.

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