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Pictures of an article titled Donald Trump's website Hammed and Defeated

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Someone hacked and temporarily distorted it Website On Monday, former President Donald Trump, bizarrely, linked to a page on a YouTube video site of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This curse, dedicated to “action” in the site’s subdomain, included the following message: “Do not be like those who have forgotten God, so God has forgotten them.” InsertA video of Erdogan was added to the page to show the controversial Turkish leader discussing verses from the Koran. CNN reported. Quite bizarre.

The hack appears to have been carried out by a self-described “hacktivist” who went by a manicure called “RootAlides”. Hacker Vice told the news Monday that they were behind this isolation, explaining that they infiltrated the page using a server-side template injection, or SSTI A kind of exploitation Which allows remote code execution.

“There are many areas of hacking attacks, for example, hacking social media accounts or websites. I’m a hacktivist and I’ve been working on websites for a long time,” the hacker said. Told the outlet In a Facebook message.

There were sites targeted by “root” On In May by Trump, shortly after he left office. At the time, the former president was recently expelled from all major social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram). As a result, Trump was throwing in for a mouthpiece and wanted to create his own platform where he would have the ability to post anything. However, after the site was launched and the former president, failed to draw real attention to the scale he was hoping for. Retire quietly For this active editorial operation and now the site is basically a blank out campaign shell for people who are no longer actively involved in politics.

Oddly enough, it looks like the same hacker who targeted Trump’s site Has accepted responsibility For hacking Joe Biden’s campaign website last November. During that episode, hackers using the same “RootAyyildiz” Monica distorted the site of the then-political candidate with several statements on the site that referred to American influence in Turkish politics. A Report generated The National Intelligence Council last March described the previous incident as “hacktivist” in nature – aimed at promoting “Turkish nationalist issues”.

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