Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Sonos makes some nice connected speakers and home theater products, but no one has ever said they are cheap. This Sunday, until September 12, they will spend more here in the United States. The company has just announced that it is raising the prices of almost all of its speakers; Most will rise above about 10 percent.

Here are some notable ones: Sonos One, Perhaps its most popular speaker, will now cost 21 219 instead of 199 199. The One SL (which is the same as the one, but without a mic for voice assistants) now costs $ 199 instead of 9 179. The New Sonos Rome The portable speaker is priced at $ 10, at 179.

The flagship Sonos Five audio speaker is now priced at $ 549 instead of $ 499, and Flagship arc soundbar Costing 899, a full $ 100 is more expensive than ever. The sub, which is initially directed towards the home theater but can be used with music speakers, ranges from $ 50 to $ 749. The only speaker that isn’t going to cost much Step, Which is located at $ 399. Sonos did not mention any changes to the beam in its price list.

Sonos first announced that it would raise prices Call her quarterly earnings Returned in early August, but did not provide details at that time. Now why, the company has given some surprisingly vague details around the “Market Dynamics Evaluation” that “evaluates market dynamics” to maintain innovation in its entire portfolio, including software and services and hardware. Obviously, no customer wants to see a price increase, but Sonos has a $ 199 play: 1 and then one, its successor, at that price for the better part of a decade, a 10 percent increase isn’t too crazy. Considering how new the arc is, the বিপ 100 risk on an already expensive product may somewhat limit its broad market appeal. While on the other hand, most home theater aficionados are probably accustomed to opening their wallets for better hardware.

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